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Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is a simple solution to making your business or organisation stand out above the competition. At Signline, we can create shopfront lettering using gold leaf to ensure a classic look that will attract eyes to your business.

About our gold leaf

Gold leaf gilding is a specialised method of lettering designed to make your branding pop. What was once a more popular form of design, gilding is more rarely practiced in the signage business these days. It requires skilled craftsman, quality materials and commitment to detail—all of which are offered at Signline.

The best method of letter application

Although the use of gold leaf is in decline, the results are simply outstanding. We use 24-carat pure gold for our lettering, and it is certain to make your business stand out in a beautiful, elegant manner.
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When to consider gold leaf


Cricket clubs, golf clubs, RSL clubs and schools are just a few organisations that might find gold leaf beneficial. Although it may be more costly than vinyl lettering, it is a prestigious way to honour club members and associates for their tireless contributions to your club or school. For anyone looking for the highest quality lettering, gold leaf is a great way to go.

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